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8 Must-Have Organizational Products (Kitchen + Pantry)

These are my top 8 must-have organizational products for the kitchen and pantry. I frequently recommend the below products to my clients and also choose to use them personally.

Bamboo drawer dividers are my go to item for kitchen organization. The sleek wood adds a level of sophistication beyond that of the typical plastic organizers. The dividers are incredibly versatile and can be used for silverware or cookware. Plus, the dividers do not require any installation or assembly.


One of the simplest kitchen organizational projects (and my personal favorite) is a spice drawer. These glass spice jars + labels will truly take your spice organization to the next level. These alphabetized and matching containers are gorgeous and they are so simple to use. I recommend the square bottles over the round as they will stay put and not roll in the drawer.


Are your drawers always getting stuck on ziplock and aluminum foil boxes? This ziplock and wrap organizer is the solution. The organizational product is two separate pieces so you can use it together in one drawer or, separate out into two drawers (as shown). Simply fill the dispensers with your favorite products and add a sticker label (included).


There are so many organizational food storage containers out there!! These food storage containers are not only a great price but they are also airtight and dishwasher safe! The 24-pack has a great variety of container sizes. I love this product and use in my pantry at home.


The ultimate organizational hack is printing your own labels. I recommend this HP DeskJet Printer and transparent sticker paper. Pro tip: make sure your printer setters are set to "high quality glossy paper". My go to font for labels is "cavolini" (in bold and size 34).


Truly, there is no simpler way to organize your condiments, preserves, oils and vinegars than with a Lazy Susan. Not only can Lazy Susans be used in your pantry, they are also great for under the sink organization and bathroom storage. This Lazy Susan is my favorite and a must have!


The easiest way to get an "insta-worthy" fridge is by using clear food storage containers. Clear storage containers create less waste and inspire clean, healthy eating for the entire family. And, who doesn't want that?


Let's face it, kitchen drawers are way too valuable of space to store tea bags and Nespresso pods in. If you have a Nespresso machine, I would highly recommend this drawer storage organizer. I love this product because it does not take up additional counter top space and displays the coffee pods beautifully.



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